Bed_Data Smart Bed

Category: Physical

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you wake up tired in the morning or why you wake up in the middle of your sleep and keep turning around in your bed in the middle of the night.  If you are like me, having sleep problems you will say “Yes!”.

Bed_Data is a smart bed that captures not only how your body moves and your weight distribution changes with every move but also what are the environmental elements that makes you feel uncomfortable during sleep.

First prototype of this project uses a 6×12 force sensor matrix, light, temperature & noise sensors. With todays connected home systems you can easily control your apartment based on quality of your sleep which can be measured with the help of these sensors.

Bed_Data is a collaborative project between Mustafa Bagdatli and Diego Rioja.

A few months later we started to collaborate with Tom Igoe and John Schimell. This time we worked with a user who has alzheimer disease.

Second version of Bed_Data uses one force sensor under the bed, that is connected to Pachube sensor data sharing platform. By using this, we can understand if the alzheimer patience is on the bed or not. If your user forgets going to bed, and we text to her family to let them know incase they need to take any action. You can find more information about this project on Tom Igoe’s blog.