Poker Face

Category: Digital, Physical

Poker Face is a wearable device that tracks changes in the user’s mood to give him real time feedback in order to change their interactions.  In addition, it also uses images and google calendar events to give the user a clear and complete picture of their interactions with both people,time, location and the environment.

Poker Face

Poker Face includes, galvanic skin response (with fabric sensors), heart rate sensor, arduino lillypad (a brand new one, thanks to Tom Igoe), a mobile device, which is used as screen,camera and database. All sensory values and pictures that are taken by the device are in use for creating visuals of the days/weeks/months.

Phone, helps user to be aware of his/her unconscious feelings but also it lets others around you to recognize it and react accordingly.

Visual interface lets user to analyze sensory data with their google calendar events and pictures and make assumptions on their feelings. This part works like an emotional memory and helps user to see patterns and make changes in his/her life